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J. Damerell, Monroe Community College Spring 2005

Evergreen, unit 3 study guide

TRS 103, Damerell
Evergreen, Unit 3 Study guide

1. Look at the table of contents. What kind of information is in unit 3?

2. How many chapters are in unit 3?

3. These terms are all in unit 3. I have them listed here in the order in which they appear. Briefly define each word.






how-to paragraph

explanation paragraph








4. An illustration paragraph begins with a topic sentence that

5. The general topic sentence of an illustration paragraph is followed by

6. What is the secret of good illustration? (p. 74)

7. How is the topic sentence of a narrative paragraph different from the topic sentence of an illustration paragraph?

8. What kind of order is used for the body of a narrative paragraph?

9. What kind of language should the writer use in a descriptive paragraph (p. 85)?

10. The writer begins a how-to paragraph with a topic sentence that

11. What kind of order is used to develop a how-to paragraph (p. 97)?

12. List and explain the three basic ways to define a word or term:

13. Which type of definition is most often required in college and formal writing?

14. What are the two parts of a class definition?

15. A contrast paragraph stresses _________________________; a comparison paragraph stresses_________________________.
16. Reading comprehension question: What is the purpose of a classification paragraph (p. 134)?

17. What are three problems to avoid in cause and effect writing?

18. Reading comprehension question: Why is it important to learn how to persuade logically and rationally?

19. List and briefly explain the five methods of persuasion.

Each chapter includes transitional expressions that are used in a particular type of paragraph. I recommend making a chart of these expressions. It could look something like this:

Transitions for illustration:

for instance, for example

You do not have to do this, but I think it could be a good idea. It would give you another place to refer to the words and also help you remember the kinds of words you can use to make your paragraphs cohere. There is no grade connected with this, though having such a chart might help you with the paragraph and essay writing we do this semester.