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J. Damerell, Monroe Community College Spring 2005

Writing Process Worksheet


Writing Process Worksheet




Name _______________________________________Due Date_______________

ASSIGNMENT Page #___________ 


 1.  Type of writing required __________________________________________________

2.  Places in the text to find useful information or topic suggestions for that type of writing _________________________________________________________

3.   Audience_____________________________________________________

4.  Required length________________________________________________

5.  Any other necessary information______________________________________________

STAGE ONE:  Pre-write.  Explore.  Freewrite, brainstorm, list, cluster, or take notes to come up with ideas for your assignment. 

STAGE TWO:  Organize. 

  Write a topic sentence. 

  Label the subject and its treatment parts.

  Determine your method of organization.

  List some transitions for this paper. 

  Write an outline or a plan.   

STAGE THREE:  On separate paper write or type a rough draft of your paper. 

STAGE FOUR:  Ask another student to read and comment on your rough draft.  That student should sign here:____________________________________________________

STAGE FOUR:  Revise.

 STAGE FIVE:  Ask Mrs. Damerell to read and comment on your revised draft.  She should sign here:___________________________________________________________________

STAGE SIX:  Revise.

STAGE SEVEN:  Proofread and Edit.

 FINALLY:  Print a final, clean copy.  Proofread it one more time before handing it in.  Then hand in all papers stapled together in order, ending with your final copy.  I will grade the copy that is on the bottom.  No paper will be accepted if this worksheet is not attached.