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J. Damerell Transitional Studies Monroe Community College
TRS 105012, 105013 syllabus


Final Writing Competency, TRS 105
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TRS 105012, 105013 syllabus
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TRS 105012

TRS 105013

Mrs. Damerell

Spring 2002


Syllabus:  Week of March 18 - Week of May 14


**assignments to be announced in class


week of March 18:       process writing (process essay due March 28)


week of March 26:            cause/effect writing


week of April 2:            description  (cause/effect OR description essay due)

                                    pronoun types, chapter 30



week of April 9:            narration

                                    pronoun agreement, chapter 29



week of April 23:            division/classification

                                    commonly confused words, chapter 42



week of April 30:            argumentation (narrative OR division/classification essay due)

                                    numbers and abbreviations, chapter 36



week of May 7:            taking essay exams, ch. 17

                                    misplaced modifiers, ch. 32


                                    all essay revisions must be handed in this week


week of May 14:       essay types review

                                    summary writing, ch. 18

                                    dangling modifiers, ch. 33


                                    no past due work accepted this week


week of May 18-23:              final writing competency - you must be passing this class

                                    date, time, and place tba