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J. Damerell Transitional Studies Monroe Community College
TRS 105023 Syllabus


Final Writing Competency, TRS 105
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TRS 105023 Syllabus
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TRS 105023                                                                              Spring 2002

MWF 10-11:50                                                                          Mrs. Damerell


Course Outline


***Students must hand in a typed essay every Friday, beginning March 29 and ending April 26.  All essays will receive comments; students will revise, edit, and proofread them again before they are graded.  The topics/style will be announced in class.


***other assignments will be announced in class


week of March 20:        course information

                                    essay diagram, point of view

                                    CW, chapters 1, 2


week of March 25:        first essay due

                                    CW, chapters 3, 4

                                    process essay


week of April 1:              process essay due

                                    CW, chapters 5, 6

                                    examples essay


week of April 8:            examples essay due


                                    CW, chapters 39, 25


week of April 22:              compare/contrast essay due


                                    CW, chapters 40, 24


week of April 29:            division/classification essay due

                                    taking essay exams

                                    CW, chapters 32, 33

                                    **all initial essays due at the end of this week

                                     **revisions accepted until May 10


week of May 6              summary writing


                                    CW, chapters 29, 30,


week of May 13:        CW, chapters 35-38

                                    open notebook test:  CW, all chapters covered in class and all                             essay types


week of May 18-23:   final writing competency - date, time, place tba  (pass/fail)

                                    students must be passing TRS 105 with at least a D to write the final

                                    students must pass the final to proceed to Eng 101                               



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