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J. Damerell Transitional Studies Monroe Community College
TRS 103006 Syllabus 1


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TRS 103006 Syllabus 1
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TRS 103006 Syllabus 1

TRS 103006 TR 11-12:20
Syllabus for January 22-February 7, 2002

******You are responsible for handing in all work on due dates and for knowing any changes in the syllabus or assignments even if you are not in class.

******Vocabulary is a standing assignment. Once every two weeks I will ask you to hand in five words, definitions, and sentences. You can get the words from your reading, from, or from Readers Digest.

Tues., Jan. 22: course overview, Seeds of Success, writing sample,

homework due 1-24: Buy the textbook and all your other supplies. Complete the textbook survey and bring it to class.

homework due 1-29: Borrow something from the Leisure Reading Collection or the main collection in the MCC library. If you do not have your Student ID card, you can use your drivers license to borrow materials.

Thurs., Jan. 24: journal writing; freewrite, focused freewrite, brainstorm, cluster, ask questions; writing workshop; TABE

hw due 1-29: complete Evergreen chapter 3 study guide, first five vocabulary words/sentences

Tues., Jan. 29: journal writing; writing process

hw due 1-31: chapter 24 study guide, Part A only; chapter 24, Practice 1 and 2

Thurs., Jan 31: journal writing; reading/connections
A Brothers Murder - reading, discussion, and writing

hw due 2/5: Send Mrs. Damerell an email from your MCC student account (this can be done any time before midnight 2/5). Go to the MCC website (, click on A-Z index, then go to S for Student Email. You can find instructions there.
***dont forget the standing vocabulary assignment (see above)

Tues., Feb. 5: Meet in the MCC library, second floor, by the entrance
journal writing; part B - ch. 24 (subordination); ALEX and call numbers
hw due 2/7: second set of vocabulary words; p. 332, Evergreen

Thurs., Feb. 7 journal wg; subordination; topic sentence and body
hw due 2/9: one of the writing assignments on pp. 39, 40, Evergreen

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